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Pick up this great gift idea. Rather than drag out the ice bucket whenever you'd like to enjoy a little vino Steven Chavez and Justin English's innovative chillers allow you to enjoy wines by the glass at their ideal sipping temperatures. Simply freeze this set of four sleek stainless steel orbs pour a glass then drop a few into your wine. Like ice cubes the more "pearls" you use the more frosty your beverage will get. The sophisticated oval shape of the chillers is ideal for round-bottomed glasses since the glimmering spheres will pile up elegantly in the bowl after they're plinked in one at a time. While vino aficionados wouldn't dare serve a white wine at room temperature it's also important to give red wines the same consideration. When reds are served too warm the alcohol tends to predominate concealing the fruit of the wine and resulting in a loss of typicity and personality. Fortunately when you pop a wine pearl into a room-temperature pour of red wine you can bring it down to cellar temperature (54 “64º F/12 “16º C) in a matter of minutes. While these pearls are perfect for wine their ability to chill without altering or diluting delicate flavors also makes them ideal for cooling top-shelf liquors delicate cocktails and fresh fruit juices. Made in China. Sold as a set of 4. Essential Details: Made from stainless steel food-grade freeze gel Measurements 1.25" L Notes: Dishwasher safe Pearls will bring a 4 oz. of red wine to 60 degrees and will keep champagne and white wine chilled. Keeps wine chilled for approximately 30 minutes.
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