About Us

 Welcome to “Ahhh finally, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for”


Plum Select.com specializes in the hard to find. Fun, innovative, the stop, look and “where did you find that” & “man, this changed my life” pieces, made by talented people who love what they do.

We celebrate choice picks of all kinds from the best creative businesses close to home and all over the world.

Plum Select has its home in North Carolina. Our team works with artisans and manufacturers based in the US and from as far away as Australia, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Belgium and Puerto Rico just to name a few.

Our site brings together expertly sourced products from a global community of electronics giants, cottage industries, independent studios, industry experts and national artisans with people looking for something different. At Plum Select we strive to deliver Sweet as a plum deals and a much more personal maker/manufacturer-to-customer shopping experience.

Whether you're buying for yourself or for others intending to make them smile, we have quirky, time -saving, quality, stand-out gifts for Men, Women, Children & the Home that you won't find anywhere else. Striving to give you satisfaction with a #foundatplumselect glow.

So enough reading already, time to shop outside of the box.