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Pick up this great gift idea. Is your baby on the blink? Leaking shrieking and with no reset button in sight? If all practical advice has failed then why not turn to... Infant Tech Support! Sadly the tech support team is unavailable at this time but we can offer you absolutely the next best thing: a troubleshooting flowchart. It may not cheer up the child but this playful magnetic set is sure to help keep hapless parents from whimpering. Spread the set of businesslike arrows process steps and decision boxes across the surface of a fridge filing cabinet or metal door and then have fun arranging them into all kinds of questionable parenting advice. You detect an unpleasant odor: will you a) "take the baby outside" b) "locate a towel immediately" or c) "offer baby a cash bribe"? When dealing with such temperamental equipment as a next gen baby a little humor upgrade might just save you from a total meltdown. Made in USA. Essential Details: Made from: magnet laminated paper
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