Automatic Handbag Illuminator

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Pick up this great gift idea. You bought a small sensible purse yet somehow retrieving a tube of lip gloss from its roomy interior has become tantamount to spelunking for a single penny. Cut down on "I could have sworn I had it...right here..." time and make your purse an illuminated vision of order with this automatic handbag light. A simple orb that fits right in your purse or tote this sleek design lights up at the touch or approach of a hand letting frantic rummaging lead to revolutionary illumination. The light switches off after a few moments so as not to drain the battery--just enough time to grab that mint wallet phone or keys. Stop Searching. Start finding. Made in Germany. Batteries will last approximately 6000 cycles (turning on and then turning off) 2x AAA included and installed Special proximity sensors can tell when your hand is close and will light up in response for approximately 8 seconds Automatically switches off saving battery life Put an end to endless digging through your purse Small light and perfect for travel Essential Details: Made from circuit board LED light polycarbonate plastic Measurements 2.76" L x 2.76" W x 0.79" H

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review